i love this! this is one of my favorite doc martens look alike also...the colour is edgy!
this legging was my mom's now it's mine..:D

Obssesion Du Jour

i want this i want this soo much now!!!;D


Jazzin Up Tonight

one of my ideas...i love this long blazer..
i think it's one of my best investment beside doc martens..

Flirtious Etudiant

another idea of wearing a shirt
inspired by a japanesse school girl look..preppy,cute,and stylish..
one of my favorite shoes collection..dark brown doc marten look alike..


It's My First One

Hmm...This is my firts blog actually...I just can't think about what I'll write in this blog..I'm not the kind of person who likes writing so much...I just want to share my way of style with people..
This blog will be filled with my photos..:D Sharing my ideas of mix matching my clothes in my own way..
So what's in my closet?Just check it out..:)