Fashion Item: Socks

So, I'm gonna start adding topics to my blog about fashion item.. The first topic for the fashion item is.... SOCKS..!
Although the trend of wearing socks was in 2012, but I still think that wearing socks is cute. They can be worn with boots, ankle boots, heels, stiletto, wedges, pumps, kitten heels, as long as not with the crocs or sandals.. Socks can make your style different in an easy way.. 
So, SOCKS are one of my fashion item for me but not for everyone I guess..
What about you....?

Here are some inspirations, yet some proof that they are cute.. ;)

The last one, me wearing socks.. :P

 Okay, those are old pics... And I have like three different hairstyles in those pics.. :P


Shoes I Like..

Everybody got different taste in fashion. Here I'm gonna share my taste in shoes.. :)
 Any of my taste of shoes you like?
But who knows that you can judge someone's personality, status, and political view based on shoes?

Here is the news:
In the study, published in the Journal of Research in Personality, the researchers asked 63 undergraduate students to look at more than 200 photos of favorite shoes that were submitted by fellow students and to rate the wearers personalities, whether they were clingy or detached in their relationships, and whether their political ideology was liberal or conservative. They then compared those assessments with the shoe owners’ self-assessments of their personality and found that there was a significant correlation for several personality traits and relationship styles -- but not political beliefs.

“People guessed that liberals wore less attractive shoes, in worse repair, and less stylish,” said study co-author Angela Bahns, an assistant professor of psychology at Wellesley. “But when we looked at the true personality data it wasn’t the case.” 

Which first impressions actually tracked with the data? Students rated those who wore high tops and masculine shoes as having less agreeable personalities, which did correlate with the self-assessments. They also said that those who wore neutral shoe colors (brown, tan, gray, black) were more likely to have anxiety over their relationships -- he doesn’t love me as much as I love him -- whereas those who wore more colorful shoes had more confidence in their relationships. 

Interestingly, the raters assumed that people who had more attractive and well-kept shoes tended to be more conscientious, but that wasn’t the case on the self-assessments. That scores points for me, given the well-worn shoes I favor in the photo shown above. 

Yet conscientiousness did track with the background color of the submitted shoe photo. Those who added colorful backgrounds to their submitted photos were higher on the conscientious scale than those who used a plain white or dull background.  source

And if you wanna have fun and knowing your shoes personality:
check this:

However, this is my result.. I guess it's not so fit..? :P
Your Shoe Personality Is: Pretty and Classic!
Ooh-la-la! You're a girly girl through and through, so feminine fashion is your thing. You can rock ballet flats with almost anything, and soft, rounded toes keep up with your sweet look. Also, try nude heels to elongate your legs in dresses and skirts, pretty espadrilles during the summer, or heels with delicate details like flowers or lace in the spring. 

What's your result??


Pacific Rim Review

So, the first time I watched the Pacific Rim trailer, I was so amazed and I think, "I must watched this movie!".
Maybe you've watched it or maybe not, but I'm still gonna post the trailer here, in case you haven't..

What do you think about the trailer? Amazing, right?
Then I watched it last week..
And I was a little bit dissapointed.
I think this movie has too much climax that it became boring for me.
I even yawned..! FYI I never yawned in the theater, except the movie is pretty boring (at least for me).
I think in the movie should only be one climax scene.
But in Pacific Rim, there are so many climax.
There are so many scenes showing the robot fight the aliens.
The robots and the aliens were so big that I sometimes couldn't understand what were they doing.
But overall, the movie plot was nice. The movie idea also nice.

So, this is my review about Pacific Rim.
Hope it's useful..

Please share your review to in the comment below..! :)

So.. Meet my lovely girl, Ahoy..

As I mention before, I have two lovely buddies at home.. This ones name is Ahoy.. 

I know you guys might think, "how the hell she got that name.."
Well, ahoy is a slank name.. She was named Hoisem before.. Hoisem is sea cucumbers.. We called that thing "hoisem" in our family.. :P As you know, sea cucumbers' color is black. And ahoy had black fur when she was a little cute girl.. (sadly I can't show you her photo when she was small, I lost them, how stupid I am.. T-T) And Ahoy is coming from Chinese slank, we, Chinese, like to add "A" in front of name.. Like if you have a name Melissa, then we can call you Amel.. Hahaha.. That's kinda funny.. So A is added before Hoisem become Ahoi or I wrote it Ahoy.. That's the history how I got the name.. Kinda weird, huh?
And I love her sooo much!! :)

Good Morning

Quotes for Today..
Good Morning Everyone!

Obsession du Jour

want this cute jelly sandals sooo much!!
currently waiting for them to arrive at my home for three weeks more... :(

My Instagram

Hi, guys, so this is my instagram account...
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My Nail Diaries

I love coloring my nails, but which one do you guys like? :)

yellow nails perfect for summer..
nail lacquer by Sephora
 I love Sherk, who doesn't?
nail lacquer by OPI Sherk Foerever After Series who the sherk are you?
Cherry red nails for sexy nails..
nail lacquer by OPI James Bond series Skyfall
Chocolate nails for classy look..
nail lacquer by Essie

I cut my hair, again..

not posting for a very long time.. since now I have instagram maybe you guys can follow me on instagram? :)

This is my latest picture. Icut my hair like four days ago.. And now,, I'm back to bob hairr.. yeayyy!!!
What do you guys think? :)

This is my hair before..
Do I look better in longer hair or shorter hair? ;P