So.. Meet my lovely girl, Ahoy..

As I mention before, I have two lovely buddies at home.. This ones name is Ahoy.. 

I know you guys might think, "how the hell she got that name.."
Well, ahoy is a slank name.. She was named Hoisem before.. Hoisem is sea cucumbers.. We called that thing "hoisem" in our family.. :P As you know, sea cucumbers' color is black. And ahoy had black fur when she was a little cute girl.. (sadly I can't show you her photo when she was small, I lost them, how stupid I am.. T-T) And Ahoy is coming from Chinese slank, we, Chinese, like to add "A" in front of name.. Like if you have a name Melissa, then we can call you Amel.. Hahaha.. That's kinda funny.. So A is added before Hoisem become Ahoi or I wrote it Ahoy.. That's the history how I got the name.. Kinda weird, huh?
And I love her sooo much!! :)

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