Pacific Rim Review

So, the first time I watched the Pacific Rim trailer, I was so amazed and I think, "I must watched this movie!".
Maybe you've watched it or maybe not, but I'm still gonna post the trailer here, in case you haven't..

What do you think about the trailer? Amazing, right?
Then I watched it last week..
And I was a little bit dissapointed.
I think this movie has too much climax that it became boring for me.
I even yawned..! FYI I never yawned in the theater, except the movie is pretty boring (at least for me).
I think in the movie should only be one climax scene.
But in Pacific Rim, there are so many climax.
There are so many scenes showing the robot fight the aliens.
The robots and the aliens were so big that I sometimes couldn't understand what were they doing.
But overall, the movie plot was nice. The movie idea also nice.

So, this is my review about Pacific Rim.
Hope it's useful..

Please share your review to in the comment below..! :)

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