My Sister Wedding

14 July 2013, that's the date! It was my sister's 25th birthday as well as her wedding day.. I don't know what to say to express my feelings about that day... I was so happy and a little bit sad and also touched.. My feelings were so random and mixed that day.. So, I'm just gonna give you the sneak peak of the wedding.. Hope these can be inspiration for you too..
the ring

the bride's shoes - so beautiful and romantic

the groom's shoes - so simple

the bride.. my sister, Irene... look how beautiful she is!!!  

 the groom.. so perfect for my sister.. handsome, nice, and simple guy, Martin...

 my mom, covering her veil..  

the first look.. how touching...

 the bridesmaid in colorful pastel dresses..

 the cake.. my sister made the cake topper herself.. 
the girl resembles herself.. very ladylike and coquettish..
the boy resembles Martin, her husband, with the Star Wars costume..
and the little guy down there is Yoda, he is my sister's baby.. the frenchie.. ;p

the cupcake.. her friend, Elysia made it especially for her since she likes ladybug so much..

we released bunch of colorful balloons!!!

i tied up her dress.. her night dress.. :P 

 me giving toast speech.. i cried.. T-T
tears of happiness..

cheers or should we say skål!!!

my sist and her beautiful colorful bridesmaid..

me and two of my sister's best friends who also mine..

the souvenir and thank you notes..

we release the sky lantern

so beautiful isn't it?

i love you both!! >.<

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