My Traveling Diary: Filipstad

I went to Filipstad, for those who don't know, it's a small beautiful city in Värmland County, Sweden. It is a very calm city with a small population. As I know Filipstad is the city where Wasabröd made to be sent all around Sweden or maybe the world? :D 

So here is the Wasabröd

Now, straight to some pictures I took..
 Oh! Hello Yoda! as I mentioned before he is my sister's baby.. :D

the woods..
me, taking a little bit of selfie.. :p
the frozen lake
not all of them frozen..
the road to my sister's home, through the woods,
like little red riding hood :p
 the centrum
 shops selling christmas things..
church on the way to the centrum
 another cute shop..
 houses near the centrum
random beautiful gazebo found in the middle of the city..
 cafe menu..
 statue in the middle of centrum
 duckie duck..!
cute houses..
 another random statue in the city..
 the simple Julgran in the centrum..
 the frozen lake
Hope you like my photos..!

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